Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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Get more Likes to your Facebook Page.

Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page!

Get more Likes for your Facebook Page.

Many of us just wonder by see that some Pages on Facebook with a great number of Likes and then we also want the same. So, to achieve it, we post many things on our page, and waste a lot of time on it. But whats the result? We get very less or sometimes even no success and after few days we give up and either delete the page or just leave it.
                                                                But getting so much likes is not really so Hard. Try to follow the following steps to get maximum Likes!

1) Share your Page and new contents on your Profile.

Before you share anything about your page, first check that you are somewhat popular among your friends and you have good number of friends. If everything is positive then share your Page on your Profile and the contents of your page on your Profile and be sure that you choose Friends of Friends or Public in the Privacy Option.

2) Make some of your friends Page Administrator.

Select wisely your those friends who you think to be popular and are active on Facebook and who can help you grow your page. Ask them to send Invitations to their friends and share your page on their Profiles. It will Boost Up your new likes!

3) Post High Quality Materials.

Remember that now you are not posting anything on your profile on which your friends and family members just give Likes whether the post is great or boring. Now you are posting on behalf of your page and the contents will be shown in others News Feeds and they will only give a like to your post if it is good and attracts them. If your Posts are really of high quality, they might attract the viewers to Like your Page.

4) Tag Friends in photos.

Tagging friends in photos helps to get more Likes to the photos. But remember, do not tag very few friends and also not too much. Try tagging 5 – 15 Friends in your photos. Tagging friends in photos increase the post reach and hence can also Increase the Likes to your Page!

5) Use Page Insights.

Facebook has provides a great tool Facebook Page Insights. Observe the type of posts that the users have liked the most and also the time when your posts got the Maximum Likes. Use this data to get the Maximum likes to your posts next time.

Now a Special Way to increase your Likes!

Go to AddMeFast.com and Sign Up (thats free). Then on the sidebar choose the Free Points then choose any option to earn free points. When you have good numbers of points, go to Add Site/Page and add your Facebook page and set the points for each like. Then see the MAGIC! Hope these steps would help you to increase the Likes of your Facebook Page.Thanks.
- Ritwik Singh


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