Saturday, March 30, 2013

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How to add Facebook Like Box to your Blog.

How to add Facebook Like Box to your Blog.

 A blog can get a lot of visitors through Facebook. Facebook is a great way to keep your visitors stay connected to your Blog. But for this they have to like your page on facebook. They might not want
to search so much for your page. So, what you have to do is to provide the like box on your site so that they can  easily like your page as soon as they visit your Blog. Following are the steps to add a Facebook Like Box to your Blog.
1) Open your Facebook page and copy its full URL. 

2) Go to Like Box Configuration  page and paste your page's URL in the box where you have to give your page's URL. 

3) Now set your Like box's Width, height and stream and then click on Get the Codes.
(Before Clicking Get the codes, see the preview to get satisfied.

4) Choose the iframe option and then copy the full code. 

5) Open your blog and choose Edit in HTML option in the Template Menu and place the code wherever you want. (It would be better if you place the code in the sidebar.) 

6) Click on Save.


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