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Create your Own Facebook Covers Using Photoshop

Create our Own Facebook Covers Using Photoshop.


Facebook has provided a good amount of space on the top of your profile called the Timeline Cover. It is a great way to show your personality and show some creativity. If your Timeline Cover is very interesting, surely your profile would also look very interesting. But why people run to search a good profile cover for their Timeline on the net instead they can make their own personalized Profile Cover. So, in this post I've demonstrated on how to make your own Facebook Profile Cover. 
1. Open a new file in Adobe Photoshop either by going to File menu and clicking New option or by pressing Ctrl+N. Set the width at 851 pixels and height at 315 pixels.      

2. Now select the Gradient Tool from the Toolbox and then select the colors of the Gradient tool in the Gradient Editor on the Option Window. Then go back to the Image Window and apply the Gradient color.

Click here to choose the color of Gradient Tool

Selecting Colors for the Gradient Tool.

3. Now we are going to add some effects to our image. Go to the Filter menu and go to the Pixelate option then click on the Crystallize option and then adjust your Cell Size then click OK.


4. Now again go to the Filter option and select the Render option then click on the Lens Flare option. Place the Lens Flare and then click on OK.

5. Now we are going to put some text on the image. Go to the toolbox and select the Type Tool. Now type some text on the image, say, your name.

6. Now go to the toolbox and select the Rectangular Marquee Selection Tool. Now select the text area and then press Ctrl+C to copy the selection.

7. Now press Ctrl+V to paste the selection. Now right click the text that you have just pasted and choose the Free Transform option and then rotate it at some angle, enlarge it or just change the shape-size of the text. Repeat this step about 5-10 times to make your image look attractive.

8) Now I'm going to make the cover look a little bit more beautiful, so I'm going to add some glowing linings to it.

9) First make a New Layer by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N and set its Opacity around 40% then press Enter. 

9) Now to add linings, first got to the tool box and select the Pen tool.

10) Now make the linings on the image with the Pen Tool.  Now again go to the toolbox and select the brush tool and choose a simple round brush with a diameter not more than 7 pixels. Then go to the Layers Window and select the Paths option. Right click the Work Path option and select the Stroke Path option.

11) Stroke Path dialog box will open, choose Brush tool from the drop-down menu and select the Simulate Pressure. Then Press Enter.

12) You can also add you picture, with the help of Clone Stamp Tool, to the cover to make it more personalized.  Click here, to learn how to use Cone Stamp Tool.
Right now, you have created your own Timeline Cover for your Profile on Facebook.
 Final Product 


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