Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Feed your mind with Feedly.

As being humans, it is our natural behavior to be curios to know everything we see and also that we don't. Like me, you may be also looking through the web everyday to get updates on things you care about. But sometimes we feel like we are missing something, but we can't figure it out. So, I come up with a smart solution. Feedly! It put everything you like in front of you. You will get updates from the sites you like, from the topics of your interest and also its a great way of passing time, reading news and watching latest videos.

This app has been custom tailored for 4 inch smartphones, 7 inch Tablets and 10 inch Tablets.
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Feedly delivers everything you enjoy reading-watching at one place making it easier for you to stay updated! Its a great way to follow your favorite blogs, news sites, YouTube shows, Podcast, tumblr blogs, magazines, eBay listings, recipes, comics, flick photos and more. One of its plus point is that, its really fast! Another advantage is that, you can instantly share those contents on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  

How to get it 

First of all download the app from your app store or go to its site and Sign up if you are using computer. 

How to use it 

Open the app and then Log in. Click/Tap on +Add Contents and choose a category and then select the site, you can also type the URL of your favorite site or you can search by topic. Click/Tap the follow button. Give it a title and then add it to any collection.

From then you will begin to receive updates from those site.

Available For: Web browsers, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android devices.



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